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Maryville university cyber security program nsa designation

New Federal Designation for Cybersecurity Program

A “crowning achievement” for Maryville brings opportunities for students. Maryville students, faculty and alumni are celebrating a new classification establishing the University’s cybersecurity program as… Read More

Maryville University magazine collective technology

The Collective

Maryville is combining technology and humanology to create the ultimate active learning ecosystem. As Maryville powers forward with the strategic plan, Maryville 2030 The Access… Read More

Maryville University access and opportunity strategic plan

Maryville 2030 – The Access and Opportunity Revolution

Maryville is the innovative leader in higher education, forging a revolution in student learning that expands access and opportunity for all. Maryville’s next strategic plan… Read More

Boeing Grant Maryville University Center for Access and Opportunity

Grant from Boeing supports Maryville University’s Center for Access and Achievement

Funds will help continue and expand after-school STEM programming in six North St. Louis County school districts. [St. Louis, MO] Maryville University has been awarded… Read More

maryville students forming M logo

Maryville University is the #3 Fastest Growing Private University in the Nation

Maryville continues to rank in Top 5 of Fastest Growing Universities Nationwide.  [St. Louis, MO, November 14, 2023] – Despite widespread reports of enrollment decline… Read More

Maryville University undergraduate enrollment growth

Maryville Announces an Over 9% Increase in Its Undergraduate Population for Fall 2023

The university continues to grow in the face of an ever-changing higher education landscape In a resounding testament to our commitment to access and opportunity… Read More

Powering personalized learning through artificial intelligence AI

Powering Personalized Learning Through AI

Mathematics professors at Maryville are making the most of students’ time by helping them progress with a personalized learning model utilizing artificial intelligence. Math at… Read More

Active Learning Ecosystem Maryville University Shark Tank

Five Stars for Active Learning

Students give rave reviews to active learning projects that illustrate the Maryville experience Maryville students are as likely to be found harvesting lettuce, visiting neglected… Read More

Brandon Bean Maryville University Adjunct professor

Adjunct Faculty Spotlight – Brandon Bean

Welcome to the first in a series of posts shining a spotlight on our adjunct faculty members. Maryville wouldn't be the same without the dedication,… Read More

Military Friendly Maryville University

Maryville University Designated a 2023-24 Military Friendly® School

Maryville is proud to announce that we've earned the 2023-2024 Military Friendly® School designation. Institutions earning the Military Friendly® School designation were evaluated using both… Read More